jackie portrait

I grew up in Oxfordshire, England, surrounded by rolling patchwork fields in every shade of green, woodlands filled with bluebells, and the incredibly intricate architecture of the Oxford Colleges. Moved by the colors and forms all around me, I picked up my first paint brush at age two and haven't  stopped creating art since. 

Over the years I experimented with many different mediums but it wasn’t until I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2002 that I began to develop my passion for mosaics. For me, mosaics are the perfect art form—I can create order and beauty out of total randomness. Nothing is more satisfying than watching small fragments coming together to create a beautiful picture. I still find most of my inspiration in the world around me, but I'm also inspired by the colors, moods and textures of the stained glass I use in my mosaics.

Whether I'm creating large architectural installations or small gallery pieces, all of my mosaics are deeply personal. I believe that creating a mosaic is a meditative process and serves as a metaphor for life. Every day, piece by piece, we’re creating our lives. Random elements—people, places, moments—all become cemented together in a most beautiful way. Life really is a mosaic.

I live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband and two children.